Sas Christian (b. 1968, London, UK) 

A British-born artist hailing from London UK, currently lives with her husband, fellow artist, sculptor Colin Christian in Schenectady, NY. Her artistic journey began at boarding school in England and was honed at Bournemouth Art College, UK.

Christian’s distinctive artistic style revolves around portraying big-eyed girls, a thematic thread woven through her body of work. Inspired by luminaries like Tamara De Lempicka and Mark Ryden, as well as influences from cinema, fashion and internal turmoil, she creates art that resonates deeply with her audience. Her paintings are characterized by micro expressions and an intense gaze, drawing viewers into the emotional tapestry she weaves on canvas. Her oeuvre is often classified as Pop Surrealism or New Contemporary, reflecting her ability to infuse modernity into classical oil techniques. 

Her artistic footprint extends nationally and internationally, with exhibitions held in London, France, Italy and Hong Kong. Notably, her work has graced the walls of The Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, UK and she was the headlining artist at the 24th 2024 annual “The Dirty Show” Detroit, USA.

Sas Christian’s artistic journey, marked by a transatlantic trajectory, continues to captivate with its fusion of classical and contemporary influences, through the intense gaze of her big-eyed protagonists, Christian invites viewers into a world where emotions and expressions become the focal point, transcending cultural boundaries and resonating with art lovers around the globe.



The Dirty Show.         Industrial Center, Detroit, MI

Beautiful Bizarre              
Corey Helford Gallery, CA

Art Basel week Group Show Harold Golen Gallery, Miami FL

Saint Bowie                     Stephan Romano Gallery. Brooklyn, NY 

2015                                           Baby Tattooville         Riverside Art Museum, Riverside, CA

Pandoras Box                         AFA Gallery, NY

The Pop Surrealism Show. Opera Gallery, NY

Fast Forward         International Museum of Art and Science, McAllen, Tx

2011                                         Scope Miami                     (Corey Helford Gallery).                               Miami, Fl

15 Artists Reinterpret SOUTH PARK                     Opera Gallery, NY

Sas + Colin                          Opera Gallery, NY

Paris Forever                       100th Exhibition.           Danysz Gallery, Paris

Bewitching                    Stranger Factory Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

Art From The New World         Bristol City Museum and Gallery, UK (curated by Corey Helford Gallery)

Hi- Fructose 5th Anniversary Group Exhibition                           Copro Gallery, Santa Monica, CA USA

INNER SPACE                    Opera Gallery, London, UK

Furore                                Dorothy Circus Gallery, Rome, Italy

Solaris                                    Opera Gallery, New York, New York, USA

Gen Art Vanguard Exhibition Miami, Florida USA

Gen Art Vanguard ExhibitionArt Basel, Miami, Florida USA

Idols of Perversity   Bellwether Gallery, NY, NY

We'll Make A Lover Of You ArtCenter, Miami Florida USA

Idols Of Perversity. Bellwether Gallery, New York, USA

Looking In                                 The Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Group Show Fuse Gallery, New York

Monsters of Lowbrow.   Greco Building, Miami, USA

Culture Shock.                   Buena Vista Building, Miami, Florida USA

Monsters Of Lowbrow: A New Art Invasion 
Greco Building, Miami, FL

Parallel Universe                   SRX Studios, Art Basel Miami, USA.

Juxtapoz Group Art Show Fuse Gallery, New York, USA

Group Show.               Hawthorn Gallery, Woodstock, New York, USA

Debut Show L'Art Noir,     New Orleans, USA

Five Sexy Lovers and Roy. Gallery Yes, Fort Lauderdale, FL

2001                                         Super Summer Valu-Show Gallery Yes,                             Fort Lauderdale, FL

2000                       Underground Show            L'Art Noir, Fort Lauderdale, USA


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