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After an incredible opening at Opera Gallery London of the two man show I had with my husband and fellow artist Colin Chrisitian titled "Inner Space" exploring... I'm now back home in the US back at work. Opera Gallery London is situated among the most prestigious fine art dealers in the world. The Opera Gallery London has a collection of high-end contemporary and modern painting and sculpture, displaying a permanent collection of the most renowned international artists, and special exhibitions every two months. The Directors and Staff at the Opera Gallery have a wide experience and significant knowledge of the international art market and are happy to advise clients and institutions with their collections.

Right now I'm very excited as after years of working on my technique I feel I'm finally ready to put together all that I've learned and really get cracking on expanding and exploring all of my ideas. It's important to not get bogged down with who people think you are as an artist and be willing to follow that irresistible urge that is your creative imagination.

Upcoming Show - Opera Gallery: Sas + colin show opens in the NY on March 10th.

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